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Tea Kettle Makeover

In another one of my thrifting/yard sale adventures I found this this tea kettle. It appeared to be an old Pfaltzgraff Village pattern, My Mom has the whole set of this pattern. I think everyone one I knew had a Pfaltzgraff dish set, if it wasn’t Pfaltzgraff it was Correlle. Did you or your parents have one of the Pfaltzgraff or Corelle sets, if so which pattern? The kettle was really beat up and had rust all inside and outside. I decided to take it home and give it a makeover and a new life, I love taking something that can’t be used for its original purpose and turning it into something useful. Follow along on this Tea Kettle Makeover! It turns out so cute!!


Old Tea Kettle

Spray Paint in White & Red

White Acrylic Paint

Sponge Pouncer

Clear Coat Spray

First thing I did was dismantled the kettle, which was super easy just a few screws. Then I spray painted the whole thing with a couple coats of white spray paint, I even painted the wooden handle and the wooden knob at the top. I wanted a nice base coat and to cover the rust.

Once the white was dry I painted just the kettle and the lid with the red spray paint. This took two coats. I also had to tie up the handle with some twine because they kept falling down, it worked really well.

Once the red dried I took my acrylic paint and sponge pouncer and randomly placed white dots allover the kettle base and lid. Then I reassembled the kettle, and gave it a few coats of the clear coat.

Look how stinking cute this came out!! I love it!! You can leave it like this and display it, or you can fill it with flowers like I did! Either way it is ADORABLE!

Here it is with all white flowers, it looks so pretty!! The lid still in there just leaned inside.

Here is another idea for it, some lambs ear and geraniums. You can choose whichever combo you like for florals or as I said just display it as just the kettle itself! Such a fun Tea Kettle Makeover!!

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  1. Julie Speaker says:

    I’ll be on the lookout for a pot!!

  2. Christine Green says:

    The pot came out so cute. Love the red and white polka dots.

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