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Farmhouse Sunflower Cow Picture

Here is a SUPER cute Farmhouse picture DIY. Remember those farmhouse stencils I got on Amazon, you can find them here with my referral link? Well, I am using them again! I already used them to make some super cute cutting boards, you can find them here, and here! These stencils are great and I have so many ideas with them! Let’s get to making this Farmhouse Sunflower Cow Picture!


Cow Stencil, I got mine on Amazon there is my referral link for it

Dollar Tree Picture in Frame

Scrapbook Paper, Hobby Lobby

Mini Sunflowers, Dollar Tree

Black & Yellow Acrylic Paint

Stencil Pouncer or Brush

Mod Podge

First, I took apart the frame and then Mod Podged my scarp book paper onto the frames picture.

After the Mod Podge dried, I placed my stencil right on the scrapbook paper and used my black and yellow paint and pouncer. The cow is all black, the flower is yellow. When stenciling the trick is less paint, use VERY small amounts. Pour some paint on a plate and the dip your pouncer in it and then dab the pouncer off on a paper towel until there is just a small amount left. Keep repeating this process until you have fully covered your stencil area. You may have to go over the same spot several times to get full coverage and that’s ok. You don’t want any bleeding.

Finally, take your mini sunflowers and pop them off their stems. Once off, cut the plastic ends off them. Glue them to the top of the cows head, (I just used hot glue) in which ever placement you choose. This could be done in any way you choose and with any florals you choose. I chose sunflowers because they are my favorite and look great with the black and white. This DIY is done!!

How stinkin’ adorable is this?? It is so cute!! Love it!!

Perfectly Farmhouse!! Hope you enjoyed this Farmhouse Sunflower Cow Picture! I personally think it is super cute and fun! It can be used all year or just Fall, it can be for the farmhouse lover or even a cow lover!

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