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Thrifted Farmhouse Cutting Board Makeover

I am ALWAYS thrifting and finding fun things to make over or repurpose, I found two of these plastic clear cutting boards for $1.00 each, they were little beat up and not something I wanted to use for food prep. However, I did think I could do something else with them and I was right!! I had just recently ordered some farmhouse stencils off of Amazon, and I had just the surface to use them on now!! More on those stencils below! I upcycled both of them, but for now this is the story of 1 of them! Follow along on this thrifted farmhouse cutting board makeover!


Cutting board or any surface you can paint on.

White Chalk Paint

Black Acrylic Paint

Farmhouse Stencil Amazon, how cute are these stencils?! I am in LOVE!!

Ribbons and Raffia, your choice of colors, I went farmhouse style colors to go with my design


First thing I did was clean the cutting board, I used soap and hot water, then rubbed it down with alcohol. Next I used some blue painters tape to hold my stencil in place, using a sponge stamper and the black acrylic paint I stenciled the cow design onto the back of the cutting board. Stenciling can be tricky, the best way to get less bleeding is to use less paint, is pouncing with hardly any paint, even if you have to go over it a few times with more paint after it dries. Make sure you have good coverage with your black paint, it is ok if you go out of the lines a bit, I will show you a trick to fix it in the next step. You will want to place whatever image you choose backward because you will be seeing it through the opposite side. You’ll understand more after the next couple of steps.

Once you have all you paint on and it is dry, pull up the stencil. I like my letters connected so I grabbed a small brush and connected my letters. I feel like it looks more professional and clean and it also makes it look like you hand painted it and didn’t use a stencil. Here is the part I said we can fix our mistakes if our stencil bled. I took this pointy tool I got at Dollar Tree, you can use a toothpick if needed, and I just scraped off the bled marks and evened everything out. The paint came right off since this is plastic. It only took an extra couple minutes but it was so worth it.

In this step you’re going to take you white chalk paint and paint right over your stenciled design. This took several coats for me. You want to make sure you have full coverage. This is the back and you don’t want anything showing through. Remember everything we have done has been on the back of the cutting board. You can add a sealer to the top of the chalk paint to protect it if you want.

This is what it will look like from the front after you apply the white.

Next I wrapped some twine around the handle and then made a messy X bow. Then I hot glued a button to the center and then glued the bow onto the twine. I also added a twine hanger! Just like that this DIY is done!!

Oh my, how CUTE is this?! I LOVE HIM!!! This turned out so cute and was fairly easy to do!!

I am so glad I bought these cutting boards and even more EXCITED I bought the farmhouse stencils on Amazon! They are amazing and I can think of soo many projects to do with them!! I hope you enjoyed this thrifted farmhouse cutting board makeover! If you did visit me below for MANY more DIY’S and Makeovers!!



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  1. Created carrots out of shims. Also had some greenery around the top too! Very cute!!!

  2. Maria Sonora says:

    Thk u for posting this , I just recently bought some stencils from Amazon n was disappointed cause thy would all smear.Have been watching chalk quedar n love their products but you would have to b a member. N notice that the other stencils r silk from chalk quedor.

  3. Can you put a light coat of mod podge around stencil to seal to keep the edges crisp?

  4. Young Mary says:

    Loveit might have to try it

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