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Thrifted Farmhouse Tray

I think this tray I found at the thrift store was one of my easiest craft projects that I’ve put together recently. When I saw it sitting on the shelf at the thrift store, I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I had been looking for something similar for a while and I was surprised at the great shape it was in. When I purchased it, I couldn’t wait to get it home and get started on this project. I hope you follow along with this Thrifted Farmhouse Tray and decide you like it enough that you want to give one a try for yourselves!


Thrifted Tray
Highland Cow Scrapbook Paper – Hobby Lobby
Mod Podge
White Paint

First, I removed the wood round from the tray and painted the whole thing with white paint.

Second, once the paint dried I cut a piece of the highland cow scrapbook paper to fit the wooden circle. I then gave the wood a coating of Mod Podge and secured the scrapbook paper down. After replaced the wood back into the tray.

Here it is all finished, I know simple right? Just a couple of steps and here you have it! How do you think it came out? For a project that literally took me a few minutes to make after the paint dried, I think it looks amazing! I love how this scrapbook paper blends so well with the tray, it looks as though it was always meant to be there! On my next trip into my craft booth this project will be joining all my others! So what do you think, did you like this Thrifted Farmhouse Tray enough to give one a shot too?

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