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Upcycled Window Flag

I love anything old, vintage, rusty and chippy painted! Quite a few years ago I found this window, and it has sat under my deck for the whole time! Finally, I decided to pull it out and give it a new life out from under the deck! It turned out absolutely AMAZING!! Come follow along and see how I made this Upcycled Window Flag!


Old Window
1776 Stencil – Cut from Cricut on contact paper
Paints- Red, White & Blue
Painters Tape
Sponge Dabbers

First, I made a stencil on my Cricut of the 1776 flag and then cut it out on contact paper. Before I cut it, I made sure to mirror the image, so it was backwards. Once I had it cut out to the size I wanted, I placed it on the window on the backside at the top.

Second, I used a sponge dabber to apply antique white paint on the stencil. Once it was dry, I peeled off the contact paper. This needs to be done very carefully so you don’t peel up the paint. You can take and Exacto knife and trace around the stars and the 1776 to be sure nothing is stuck, before you peel.

Third, I figured out how far I wanted the blue to go and tapped it off. You are going to take you blue paint and paint directly onto the stenciled stars and 1776 you just painted. I tried brushing and I didn’t like the brush strokes it was leaving. So, instead of brushing the paint on, I used a sponge dabber and dabbed on the paint! It worked brilliantly!! No brush stroked and it covered really well! Once that is dry add as many coats as it takes to not see any light coming through the other side.

Fourth, I figured out how wide I wanted my stripes, each window will be different, so you’ll have to figure out your size. I tapped off every other stripe.

Fifth, I painted those stripes a deep burgundy color. Again, I used a sponge dabber, and did as many coats as it took to not see light,

Finally, I repeated the same process for the antique white stripes as I did for the red. Once it was all dry, I added a few coats of sealer to it.

All finished!! I plan to leave the frame all chippy painted for now., think eventually I will stain it.

I absolutely love how it turned out!! Do you think you’ll try making an Upcycled Window Flag?





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