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Mini Rustic Patriotic Birdhouse

Hey ya’ll! I am so glad you’re here! I found these cute little birdhouses at Dollar Tree and Walmart. Walmart has ones and little bigger than Dollar Tre for also only $1.00! So I grabbed a few and got to painting one of them! love all things patriotic and Americana, so that is what I choose for this one! It was super fun and easy to make and I can not wait to display it on my back porch that I decorate in all Americana, patriotic decor. So grab a mini birdhouse and come join me in making a mini rustic patriotic birdhouse!!

Here are the supplies!

Mini Birdhouse (this one is from Walmart)

Star Stencil (Dollar Tree)

Jumbo Craft Sticks

Acrylic Paints, red, white blue

Brown Wax

You can find the brown wax here!

First thing I did was cut my craft sticks to the width of my birdhouse roof, for this roof it took 12 craft sticks. 6 cut for each side. Then I painted 6 white and 6 red. How many you need will solely depend on the size of your birdhouse roof.

Next I painted the birdhouse itself, the body I did in blue. roof and bottom white, then I added a touch of red onto the bird perches.

After the paint was dry I added stars with the stencil from Dollar Tree. I just randomly placed them, where I thought that looked cute.

The next step was to glue on my roof, I just glued them staggered over each other and I let the last one hang over a little. I didn’t want it to be perfect, I wanted it to look rustic so don’t worry if you don’t have them even or the ends aren’t cut perfect.

Finally I added the brown wax to the whole birdhouse to give it’s full rustic look!

I love the way it turned out!! It is sooo cute, rustic and patriotic! It is going to look so cute on my deck!

Will you be making one too??

I really enjoyed this DIY, I will be making more birdhouses in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this Mini Rustic Patriotic Birdhouse! If you enjoyed it please check more DIY’S below!

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  1. Cute. Next time though start your roof at the bottom and work your way up so water will run off instead of run behind the pieces. Or only glue the top edge and lift the bottom to place the next piece under the top piece.

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