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Spring Flowerpot with Butterfly

A few of the first things that come to my mind when I think of Spring are birds, butterflies and flowers. As soon as we start seeing these little guys around, we just know that warm weather is on its way. I made this super cute butterfly pattern to make this DIY I had seen many years ago and wanted to make. You know the never-ending “to craft” list ha-ha Follow along for a Spring Flowerpot with Butterfly.


Clay Pot

Butterfly Pattern Below

Scrapbook Paper

Spanish Moss and Green Moss

Floral Foam

White Paint



First we are going to start out by painting a light coat of white paint on the outside of the clay pot and the inside down to the rim. You don’t want to fully coat the pot so that it has an aged distressed look. Once the paint is dry go ahead and add a piece of your floral foam to the inside of the pot.

Using your butterfly pattern (linked above), trace it onto your scrapbook paper and cut it to the size of the pattern. I cut 4 and stacked them on each other. I used twine to tie them together.

Now take your green moss and add that to the top of your floral foam and then add your Spanish moss on top. After your moss is added to the pot you can add your butterfly to the top of the moss.

Finally add your ribbon and button around the top of the pot, using hot glue to hold in place.

This came out amazing, it would look great in literally any room of the house. I love that you could use any kind of scrapbook paper and really make it something that is you. Do you think you will make a Spring Flowerpot with Butterfly?

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