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Wood Slice Bunny Butt

The bunny butt seems to be all the rage this year for Easter and Spring decor. I have to admit they are adorable! I even have bought a few bunny butt pieces of decor. Do you like the the bunny butt decor? I decided I wanted to make my own little bunny butt for my tier tray. I had already made a wood slice spring chickee you can see here, so I decided since I had the supplies out I would make a wood slice bunny butt too!


Wood Slice, mine was broken at the bottom so I juts went with it.

2 small wooden hearts

White felt scraps

White pompom

Acrylic paint in white

First paint your wood slice and the two hearts white, this will take a couple to a few coats.

Second, attach your two hearts at the bottom these will be his feet. It will also allow it to stand on it’s own.

Third, cut your felt into two small bunny shaped ears. Glue those to the top, evenly spacing them. Finally glue your pompom to the center at the bottom. That is it! You have finished your wood slice bunny butt. How super easy was that?? It turned out soo cute!!

So adorable and will make a perfect addition to my Spring and Easter decor!

Will you be making a bunny butt for your spring and Easter decor?

Here is the two fun DIY’s together!

How fun are both of these?! You can find the wood slice chickee here.

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