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DIY Decoupaged Shells

Do you love nautical decor? I grew up really close to the ocean, so I love it, I no longer live really close, so I don’t decorate with it. I do love creating nautical and beach decor for my booth! There is nothing better than standing on the beach and staring out at the ocean…it makes all my problems feel so insignificant when I see how small I am compared to how big the ocean is. It always makes me feel better and helps to clear my head and rationalize my problems. So, when doing nautical crafts, I bring myself to that place! I have had these shells forever and thought it was good time to do something with them and something a little different! Come follow along as I make some DIY Decoupaged Shells!



Mod Podge

Napkins or Tissue Paper

First, I took my napkin and tore around the edges with a water pen until it was the right size.

Second, I Mod Podged my napkin into my shell. I didn’t care if it got wrinkled, I think that adds to the character! It isn’t supposed to look perfect, and I didn’t want it to be as I was going for a bit of a rustic vibe!

Third I repeated the process on the next two shells using other napkins I had.

Finally, once I had all the napkins on each shell and they had dried. I did a coat of Mod Podge over the top of each one. That is it, all done!

I think they turned out so cute, I love them! They are perfect for a nautical/beach theme!

I decided to put them in a dough bowl and display them with other shells and a candle holder. They are all from Dollar Tree! It was a simple yet adorable project! Do you think you’ll try to make some DIY Decoupaged Shells?

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