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DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments

One of my favorite things at Christmas is decorating the tree. I especially love using handmade ornaments. It gives the tree so much more of a personal feeling. Follow along with me and learn how to make your own DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments.


Wood Planks- Dollar Tree

Wooden Half Beads- Amazon

Christmas Stickers- Michaels

Brown Wax

Acrylic Paints- White, Black & Red


Hot Glue

We are going to start our ornaments by hot gluing the wooden half beads to the wooden planks in the four corners. Then we are going to cover our wooden planks with Brown Wax. Make sure to cover the entire plank. This should only take 1 coat.

After your brown wax has dried you are going to paint the wooden planks with your acrylic paint. I painted each one of the fronts of my wooden planks different colors, I used red, white and black. You can use whatever colors you would like. You are going to dry brush on your paint using just 1 coat.

Once the paint on your wooden planks is dry we are going to attach the Christmas stickers. You can use whatever stickers you would like and you can just stick them right to the wooden planks.

Once everything on the front of your wooden plank is dry we are going to work on the back. Using your hot glue and piece of twine attach the twine to the top back of the wooden plank. Do this in a “U” shape so that it makes a hanger for the tree.

Now using your twine we are going to attach a bow to the front top corner of your ornament. You can find the bow tutorial on my Facebook page HERE! Once your bow is attached your ornaments are complete.

These ornaments came out super cute and I loved making them. They look so cute on my tree and give it such a “homey” feel. Making ornaments is always a fun time and these ones definitely fit the bill. Do you think you will make your own DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments?

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