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DIY Jack O Lantern Box Candle

Who doesn’t love making Jack O Lanterns for Halloween? I know I do, and what better way to make a Jack O Lantern than to get creative and make something that you can always keep. This DIY Jack O Lantern Box Candle does just that, and I hope you like it enough to give one a try too!


Dollar Tree Jack O Lantern Box
Paint – Black and Orange 
Candle Stick
Rusty Safety Pin and Bell
Tea Light
Wooden Stick
Spanish Moss 

First, I took the top off the Jack O Lantern box and painted it all black along with the candle holder.

Second, I painted over the black on the Jack O Lantern with orange.

Third, I lightly sanded the entire Jack O Lantern box to give it that worn look.

Fourth I hot glued the box onto the top of the candle stick holder, making sure it’s centered.

Fifth, I hot glued on the wooden stick to look like the stem, then I hot glued Spanish Moss around that.

Sixth, I cut out a piece of orange from the black and orange ribbon to secure around a bunch of Raffia to make it into a bow. Then I tied a bow around the stem with the ribbon and hot glued the Raffia bow to that.

Finally, I used the rusty safety pin to secure the rusty bell onto the ribbon bow. I then added the tea light into the box.

What do you think of the final project? I think he came out perfect, and looks super cute! I love to get creative with things for Halloween and This DIY Jack O Lantern Box Candle was the perfect way to do that. Do you think you’ll give this project a try too?

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