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DIY Patriotic Floral Wall Hanging

Do you love Patriotic DIY’s? I love anything Patriotic, and when I saw these patriotic flowers at Dollar Tree, I knew I had to make something with them. I grabbed some things I had on hand and got to work! I wanted something simple and easy, my favorite kind of DIY! Come see how to make this DIY Patriotic Floral Wall Hanging!


Wooden Sign – Dollar Tree
Patriotic Flower- Dollar Tree
Star Scrapbook Paper – Hobby Lobby
Blue Acrylic Paint
Stick – My Yard
Spanish Moss

First paint your board with some blue paint, I did both sides. I really like to have the back sides of my projects complete. I also like to paint in a close color to the scrapbook before I Mod Podge, just in case I make a mistake when I cut my paper it will be less noticeable.

Second, cut and Mod Podge your scrapbook paper on. You can use the iron method here if you choose.

Here we are going to hot glue our stick to the board, making sure to leave some space at the top of the board. Once the stick is glued on, pop one of the flower heads off and glue it to the top of the stick, add a couple leaves to your stick at the bottom.

Finally add some spanish moss to the bottom of your stick, and you’re all done!!

How adorable did this turn out?! I love it! So easy and super cute!! I hope they keep putting out these florals at Dollar Tree, they are so cute!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as I enjoyed making it!

Do you think you’ll be making a DIY Patriotic Floral Wall Hanging?

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