If you happen to find these min pallets at Dollar Tree grab a bunch! As I am once again doing a Dollar Tree pallet craft! These mini pallets are so fun and versatile, there is endless amount of projects you can make with them! This time I am making a Dollar Tree Scarecrow Pallet! I think you’ll love it!


Dollar Tree Mini Pallet

Paint Stick

Acrylic Paints- Brown, White, Black, Flesh, Kings Gold

Mini Wooden Triangle

Misc. supplies- raffia, wheat pick, burlap, sunflower

First, I cut my paint stick to the length of a hat brim, I just laid it across the pallet and decided where I needed to cut. Next I painted the brim and the top half of the pallet in the brown color I chose, then painted the bottom in the flesh color. Let it dry.

Second, I glued my hat brim on, before I glued it I added some “hay” (excelsior from Dollar Tree) and some raffia one each side of his head, and a few pieces of wheat to his brim also, I didn’t get a picture of those….then glued the hat brim where I wanted it. I let it tip a bit on an angle.

Third, I painted the wooden triangle like a candy corn. While that was drying I used a pencil to draw on his face, then painted over the lines. I always use a pencil first so I can erase any mistakes. Once the face was painted I glued on his nose and added a little pink to his cheeks.

Finally, I cut small square of burlap and pulled out some of the strips to make it look rustic and glued it to his hat. The glued the sunflower on top. This scarecrow is done!!

Here he is!! How stinkin’ cute is he?! I am in love!! I’m going to making another one for sure, if I can find more pallets!

He is going to look so cute in my tier tray! Do you think you’ll be making a Dollar Tree Scarecrow Pallet?

Curious to know if anyone would be interested in patterns of my Snowman, Scarecrow and Gingerbread Faces?

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