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Patriotic Vintage Style Lunchbox

One thing that comes to mind when I think of Summer is picnics, and who doesn’t want to show off a cute little snack carrier in their home. You may not be bringing this little guy out to the field but you will for sure get the itch to get outside. Follow along with me for this Patriotic Vintage Style Lunchbox.


Vintage Style Lunchbox- Thrift Store $4.99! I got it 50% off so $2.50

Paints- Red, White & Blue

Coffee Dyed Tag


Rusty Pin and Bell

Star Stencil

Antique Wax

Matte Clear Coat

First start off by making 5 separate sections vertically across the bottom of the lunch box. Once you have them separated you are going to alternate paint colors with your red and white.

Next paint the top of the lunchbox with your blue paint, once that dries add your star stencil over the entire top of the lunchbox. Then go over all the white on the lunchbox with your antique wax including the handle and the latches. Once that is all dry go over the entire lunchbox with a couple good coats of matte clear coat.

Finally write 1776 on your coffee dyed tag, then tie it onto the handle of the lunchbox with your twine and add your rusty pin and bell to the center of your twine bow.

This project came out amazing, it looks awesome sitting on my kitchen counter. It puts a smile on my face knowing all the fun Summer activities that are to come. Do you think you will make a Patriotic Vintage Style Lunchbox?

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    loveit my baby girl

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    nice job jan i love it

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