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DIY Santa Printable Ornament

I absolutely love crafting with printables, I also really enjoy creating with them! They are easy to use and can be resized to fit your project needs. They are also something you can keep printing over and over and use on many projects. Unlike scrapbook paper which is a one-time use, and you have to buy more. I have created a BUNCH of amazing printables in my store, check them out. I will leave the link below! Anyway, I created a super cute Santa printable and wanted to use it in a project! Come see how I made this DIY Santa Printable Ornament!


Dollar Tree Wood Round

Santa Printable- My Shop

Brown Wax


Ticking Fabric

Small Bell

First, I printed out my printable and cut it down to close to the size I needed for this project. Then I laid the wood round over it and traced and cut it out.

Second, I Mod Podged it onto the wood round. I used a good amount of Mod Podge as I print my printables out on cardstock. Then if needed sand off the edges of any excess paper.

Third, I took some brown wax and covered the whole printable with it. I just used a baby wipe with a bit of the wax on it a rubbed it gently over the whole print! Let that dry.

Finally, I added some greenery, a bow I made from ticking fabric, and a silver bell in the center. Then this project is finished!

This just turned out so cute, I absolutely love it!! It was easy to make and looks AMAZING in my tree! Do you think you’ll make a DIY Santa Printable Ornament?

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  1. Karen Daly says:

    How could I get that adorable printable . I don’t have a printer but I send it to the ups store near me

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