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DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Bulb

Dollar Tree has those big plastic clear Christmas bulbs and I love finding new ways to use them. This time I wanted something simple and elegant. I grabbed a few other things from Dollar Tree and piece of greenery I had left over from making the Charlie Brown Trees I made and got to work! This DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Bulb came out so cute!

Using some of the fake snow from Dollar Tree I added a little to the bottom of the ornament. I didn’t use a lot just enough to cover the bottom. This part makes a mess so if you happen to have a funnel it is probably best to use that.

Next I added a small piece of the Dollar Tree garland, I used the red one, but you could use any color you like. I believe Dollar Tree has them in red, silver and gold.

It is coming together now, I am loving it! I used some black ribbon to tie a hanger on it and that is it, all done! Easy Peasy!

How adorable is this??!! I love how it turned out and how EASY it was to make!

I can not wait to put my tree up so I can start adding all my DIY ornaments to it!

What an easy and fun craft! This would be great for kids too!

What did you think of this DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Bulb?

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