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DIY Snowman Marshmallows

As you all know one of my favorite things is Snowmen, I absolutely love crafting with them. When I get to come up with my own ideas for the little guys it is always a good project. This DIY is super easy and has barely any supplies. Follow along with me for some DIY Snowman Marshmallows.


Air Dry Clay

Paints- White, Black and Orange

Take your clay and form it into the shape of a marshmallow. I made two different sizes one a little bit smaller than the other. After your shapes are formed you need to allow the clay to dry. The package says to let the clay dry for at least 24 hours. I let mine dry for 3 days due to how thick the marshmallows are.

Once the clay is dry go ahead and paint each marshmallow with your white paint.

Once the white paint is completely dry, use your black paint to add eyes to each marshmallow.

Next add a mouth to each marshmallow using your black paint again.

Next using your orange paint go ahead and add a little carrot nose to each marshmallow.

These little guys came out so adorable and they were super fun to make. They look great displayed on a side or coffee table or even right on the kitchen counter. Do you think you will make some DIY Snowman Marshmallows?

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