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DIY Spring Bird Candle Holder

I love to craft for Spring time! Getting out of the colder months here in New England, and into the warmer months of Spring I love to bring my love of the season out! Birds in particular remind me a lot of Spring, since they’re always chirping in the warmer months. I knew I had to somehow incorporate them into this DIY Spring Bird Candle Holder! The perfect way to do that was to use one of my Spring time bird napkins and blend it with this candle holder I found! I hope you enjoy this DIY, and give one a try too!


Candle Holder – Christmas Clearance 
Bird Napkin
Small Wood Cutout 
Paint – Primitive 
Antique Wax
Mod Podge
Spanish Moss
Grubby Candle 

First, I peeled off the “JOY” sign from the candle holder.

Second, I used primitive white paint and painted the entire candle holder, along with the small wood cutout.

Third, I pulled off the napkin ply’s down to one, and placed the napkin so that the bird was the main focus and laid it over the wood cutout. I then cut off the excess napkin and used Mod Podge to secure it to the cutout.

Fourth, I used Antique Wax and completely covered the napkin on the cut out with it.

Fifth, I then used the Antique Wax to go around the edges and the center of the the candle holder.

Sixth, I used hot glue to attach the wood cutout to the side of the candle holder.

Finally, I added some Spanish Moss around the rim of each candle holder, and placed a grubby candle into each of them.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I love this so much more than the “JOY” candle holder I originally purchased! It has so much personality and warmth to it now! Spring is one of my most favorite seasons to craft for and this piece was the perfect start to my Spring crafting. I can’t wait to get this DIY Spring Bird Candle Holder into my new craft booth!

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