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Thrifted Bird House Apothecary Chest Makeover

I love it when I find beautiful items at the thrift stores that someone no longer had use for! When I found this old wooden bird house Apothecary chest on my latest trip through the thrift store I couldn’t have been happier! This old chest was in rough shape, but I knew I could take it home and turn it into something beautiful again! I hope you follow along with this Thrifted Bird House Apothecary Chest Makeover and find something similar that you could give one a try too!


Thrifted Bird House Apothecary Chest 
Chalk Paint – Celery, White and Black
Tim Holtz Decoupage Paper 
Antique Wax
Metal Mini Plaque – Hobby Lobby 

First, I removed the drawers from the chest and took out the knobs. I then gave the entire chest a coat of white chalk paint.

Second, I used the celery chalk paint and painted the entire chest with a coat of that.

Third, I cut out pieces of the Tim Holtz Decoupage paper to fit the faces of the drawers, and secured them on with Mod Podge. I then sanded the extra off around the edges of the drawers.

Fourth, I lightly sanded around all of the edges of the chest and the drawers.

Fifth, I used the Antique Wax around all of the edges I just sanded.

Sixth, I painted all of the knobs I had removed with the black chalk paint. I then reinstalled them once they were dry.

Finally, I attached the metal mini plaque at the top of the chest over the heart opening that was there.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I couldn’t be happier, it came out just how I imagined it would. Bringing something back to life that someone else no longer thought useful is so much fun! I can never wait to get to the final result of a thrifted craft project to see how amazingly beautiful something can be again! I can’t wait to get this Thrifted Bird House Apothecary Chest Makeover into my craft booth.

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