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DIY Thrifted Basket Makeover

When I found this basket at the thrift store, I absolutely loved the shape of it. I wasn’t a fan of the blonde coloring of it though. I brought it home and did one simple update to it and changed the whole style! I hope you follow along with this DIY Thrifted Basket Makeover and can turn around and make something beautiful of your own too!


Thrifted Basket
Antique Wax

First, I washed the entire basket thoroughly with some soap and warm water, using the sprayer from my sink to rinse it completely. I then let it dry for a full 24 hours. Next, I used Antique Wax and covered the entire basket with that, wiping off any excess with a dry cloth. Once again I let it dry for another 24 hours. You could always use a regular stain, that is completely your choice.

Finally, once it was dry the fun part began. It was time to style the basket. I chose items I had on hand, wanting a Spring time, rustic theme. Choosing some greenery, a bird, and one of my rusty springs that I added a candle cup to, with a grubby candle inside. I also added a vintage doily hanging on the edge of the basket to soften the tone of it all. This was the final result, and I think it came out amazing, I just love how it all came together! It’s hard to believe all of this started with a one dollar thrift store basket! I hope you enjoyed this DIY Thrifted Basket Makeover and give one of your own a try too!

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