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DIY Mini Snow Globe Jar

I have always loved snow globes since I was little. They always looked so beautiful and seemed so magical. Truly not much has changed since then, I still see them the same way. I’m a crafter so naturally I wanted to make one, but did not want all the water, glues and sealers for a real one. This is when I found the art of waterless snow globes! I have made these before on a bigger scale, now I am making my own DIY Mini Snow Globe Jar! Remember those mini jars I got at Hobby Lobby for my last jar DIY, I will be using one of those! Check out how adorable this turned out!

Here are the supplies you will need, not pictured is the Glamour Dust and Mod Podge…I forgot them for the picture!

Take your white paint and paint the jar and lid all white, leave the front of jar clear. You’ll need about three coats of paint, allow to fully dry between coats. It is ok to use a blow-dryer just don’t get the paint too hot.

Next take your Mod Podge and run a small amount around the edge of the “window’ you painted. Once you have the Mod Podge on sprinkle it with glitter and allow to dry.

Here take your Glamour Dust or Sparkle Mod Podge and coat the all the spots you painted white. Glamour Dust is just a sparkly sealer, you can get it at Hobby Lobby.

It is hard to see the sparkle in the picture from the Glamour Dust, but it does look awesome!

Once it is all dry you can glue your miniatures into the jar. I got the deer in a pack of minis at Dollar General. Then I added a small amount of hot glue to the bottom of the tree and deer and placed them into the jar where I wanted them.

Close up of the minis glued in place.

After you have your minis glued in you can add a small amount of your faux snow to the bottom, you don’t need a ton just a small amount will suffice.

Create a small bow with your ribbon and glue the bow to the front of the jar.

Glue the snowflake right on top of the jar.

How adorable is this?? I love it, so tiny and cute!! <3

I really love how this turned out!! It was so easy to make, and didn’t break the bank!

What do you think of this DIY Mini Snow Globe Jar??

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  1. Thanks for sharing what you craft and thanks for the downloads.

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