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Dollar Tree Seahorse Nautical Sign

Dollar Tree as some cute nautical things this year, I am loving all the wood shapes. When I started this project, I was using the mermaid cutout, I got about halfway through and tossed it in the trash because I didn’t like how it was turning out. I am sure someone can relate to that! So, I grabbed the seahorse and got a new plan and moved on. It turned out so cute and I am very happy I chose the seahorse in the end. It was a happy accident, as Bob Ross says! Come follow along as I make this Dollar Tree Seahorse Nautical Sign.


Dollar Tree Seahorse
Canvas Frame – Found on the side of the road
Large Paint Sticks
Half Wood Bead
Paints – Variety of teals and blues, and white
Dollar Tree Beach Picks

First, I painted my seahorse in 7 different colors of blues and teals. I just grabbed a bunch of my paints that flowed together and started painting. As you can see in the picture, I labeled my pallet with numbers of what color line I used the paint on. This was so when I did a second coat, I would know what color I used and where.

Second, I painted the sea and starfish white.

Third, I used a canvas frame that Mr. Chaos found on the side of the road for me and cut large paint sticks to fit it. This canvas frame was already empty when I got it and is long.

Fourth, once I had them cut, I gave them couple coats of white paint.

Fifth, I painted my frame anther color teal and glued on my paint sticks to the back.

Six, I added my seahorse to the center of the frame and glued it down. Then I sanded the frame down a bit along the edges, I also sanded the seahorse a bit using a nail file.

Seven, I found all these super cute nautical picks and Dollar Tree and thought this was a perfect time to use them! I gathered some and added them on the bottom left-hand corner of the frame. Then I added some shells and mini starfish I had on hand to the frame as well.

Finally, I added 3 wooden half beads I painted white to the other corners of the frame. These had a dual purpose; one was to hide the staples in my frame and the other was to add some contrast to the teal of the frame it was very bold. The white beads really helped break it up. It was the perfect touch!

That is, it, this project is done! It turned out SO AMAZING! It is much better than wherever I was going with that mermaid cut out ha-ha! Do you think you’ll try and make a Dollar Tree Seahorse Nautical Sign?






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