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Dollar Tree Ghost Pillow Tuck

Every Halloween I see these little garland covered ghost decorations. For a dollar you really can’t go wrong with them, but I always feel like they could be used for something so much better. So this year I grabbed a couple and decided to turn them into something completely different. This was a super easy project and it came out so stinking adorable. Follow along with me for a Dollar Tree Ghost Pillow Tuck.


2 Dollar Tree Garland Ghosts

White Chunk Yarn

Wire Ties

Start by taking the ghosts face off of the garland ghost.

Next remove the garland from both of your ghosts

When your finished taking the ghosts apart this is what you should have left over to work with.

Now take the two plastic ghosts that you have left over and wire tie them together. You are going to connect them like one on top of each other so they make one hollow ghost.

Now go ahead and start wrapping the ghost with your white chunk yarn. We are going to wrap the entire ghost with the yarn.

Once you have the entire ghost covered, go ahead and attach the ghost face back onto the ghost. You can do this using a couple small dabs of hot glue.

This was so easy and came out absolutely adorable. It looks cute tucked in with your other Halloween pillows, or you could put the little guy by himself on a window seat or arm chair. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Ghost Pillow Tuck?

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  1. Glenna Vandever says:

    Use black yarn and viola! A bat!

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