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Dollar Tree Gnome Halloween Makeover

One of the things I love most about crafting is taking something that is already super cute and making it even cuter! Who doesn’t love an adorable gnome, especially when they are painted just right to go with Fall. Follow along with me and learn how to do your very own Dollar Tree Gnome Halloween Makeover.


Dollar Tree Garden Gnome

Acrylic paints (Colors posted above)

I started off by first covering over the yellow on the Gnome with the green paint.

After the paint on the bottom of the gnome is dry, go ahead and cover over the red on his hat with your purple paint.

After the purple on the gnomes hat was dry I added some orange dots to the hat.This gave it some extra pizzazz. I also added some black dots to the gnomes eyes to bring him to life a little more.

After all the paint on the entire gnome was dry, I went over the entire thing with white shimmer paint, this gave the gnome a little mystical finish look.

I love how this cute little guy came out, and how fun it was to paint, a simple revamp was all this garden gnome needed was to be able to fit in with and Fall display. Do you think you will do your own Dollar Tree Gnome Halloween Makeover?

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