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Dollar Tree Lavender House Planter

I love making crafts from items I find at my local Dollar Tree! There are so many different ways you could use some of the things they carry, and not just the intended use for them! I found this house at Dollar Tree and knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. An idea had come to me a while back and I had been looking for the right supplies to make it with. This house was perfect for what I needed. I hope you enjoy this Dollar Tree Lavender House Planter and give one a go too!


Dollar Tree House 
Peat Pot
Lavender Napkin
Spanish Moss
Lace Ribbon
Antique Wax

First, I covered the entire outer wooden frame of the house with the Antique Wax.

Second, I opened up the lavender napkin over the house and lined it up just where I wanted it. I then Mod Podged it into place.

Third, I used a water pen to remove all the excess napkin.

Fourth, I took a peat pot and cut it in half.

Fifth, I painted the peat pot half with white paint. I then glued it onto the napkin at the base of the lavender, making it look like the lavender was coming from the pot.

Sixth, I added a bunch of the Spanish Moss to the pot.

Finally, I tied a bow from the lace ribbon and hot glued it to the peat pot.

Here it is all finished, how do you think it turned out? I loved making this craft project, and personally think it came out amazing! I love when I can make something so beautiful and use next to no craft supplies to do it! It’s even better when I can find the supplies I need at Dollar Tree! I hope you enjoyed following along with this Dollar Tree Lavender House Planter and have decided to make one of your own!

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