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DIY Stamped Christmas Ornaments

Who doesn’t love having some rustic looking Christmas Ornaments on their tree?!? I know that I do and being able to make them myself is even better. I love having handmade ornaments on my tree, whether I made them myself or they were gifted to me, it gives the tree such a personal feel. Follow along with me for these simple DIY Stamped Christmas Ornaments.


Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks

Unbleached Muslin

Stamps & Ink

Home Decor Wax


Hot Glue

We are going to start this DIY off by covering all of our Dollar Tree Jenga Blocks with our Home Decor Wax. Make sure to completely cover the blocks on all sides.

Now we are going to take the Unbleached Muslin and cut them into pieces to fit our stamps. You can choose whatever you would like for your Holiday stamps and make as many as you would like.

Once you have the Unbleached Muslin cut we are going to add our stamps to them. I used three different stamps with black ink for my ornaments. Again you can make as many as you would like with whatever stamps and colors you have decided on for your ornaments.

Now we are going to cut the twine into little ornament hangers. Take half of your waxed Jenga blocks and glue the twine to the blocks. This is how we will hang our ornaments on the tree.

Once the glue on the twine has dried we are going to attach the Jenga blocks to your pieces of stamped unbleached muslin. Attach them so that the blocks are on the front of the muslin, where you placed your stamp. With this final step your ornaments are complete.

This project was so easy and quick to make, and can be a great craft to do with the kids. I love how these came out and love even more how awesome they look on my tree. Being able to personalize them with different stamps and ink color makes this an even more exciting little DIY. Do you think that you will make some DIY Stamped Christmas Ornaments?

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  1. These are great! I found that they hang a little wonky at the botton so I put a piece of corrugated cardboard across entire back of the material and that fixed the sag! Now I can’t stop making them! Thanks for the idea!

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