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Dollar Tree Sunflower Pig

I grabbed this pig at Dollar Tree along with the cow and the rooster. I have made over both of those and many of you have asked if I had done the pig yet. I hadn’t until now! I knew I could make something wonderful with him, and I’m hoping you love it as much as I do! Give this Dollar Tree Sunflower Pig a try for yourselves, you will not be disappointed!


Dollar Tree Pig
Sunflower Napkin
Antique Wax
White Paint

First, I painted the body of the pig with the white paint, leaving the base as is for now.

Second, I covered the pig with Mod Podge and then opened the napkin flat over it. Smoothing it out and removing wrinkles.

Third, I trimmed off all the extra napkin from around the pig and sanded it down.

Finally, I used Antique Wax around the outer edges of the pig as well as the whole base.

Here it is all complete, how do you think it turned out? I love this Dollar Tree Sunflower Pig, he came out just as I imagined he would! This project took next to no supplies, most of which I had on hand and was super easy! I love when my projects come out how I expect them to with no blips or changes being made. On my next trip over to my craft booth, this guy will be in there! So what do you think, will you be giving this DIY a try too?

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