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Love Shelf Sitter

Are you ready for the easiest DIY?? This love shelf sitter is just that, super easy and soo cute!! I also love the fact that it can be left out all year long or just Valentines Day if you choose! We have limited space so I enjoy making things that have more than one purpose!


2×4 Scrap wood

LOVE cut out (Hobby Lobby)

Scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby)

White acrylic paint

(it shows pink in the picture, I changed my mind, isn’t that what we crafters do? HAHA)

Mod Podge


Key (Amazon)

Here is a referral link for the keys on Amazon

I am an Amazon Associate, I get a small commission from Amazon, with no extra cost to you!

These are all the supplies you need!

First grab that white paint and give that piece of wood a nice coat of paint. I painted the back, sides and the edges on the front. We will be covering the front so it doesn’t need a coat of paint.

While you have the white paint on hand, paint the Love cut out also.

Second step; once the paint is dry, measure out your scrapbook paper and cut it out and mod podge it on. After the Mod Podge is dry, sand the edges to remove any excess paper and give it a rustic & shabby look. This is why we painted up onto the edges on the front. I just LOVE this paper!

Third step; grab your twine and wrap it around the left side a bunch of times, gluing it on the back once you have the desired amount wrapped around. Then glue your key on top of the twine.

Fourth step; now it is time to attach the love cut out and I just used my glue gun to do so.

That is it we are done!!

How simple was that?! I love how this love shelf sitter turned out!

So cute and rustic!

I will be leaving this out year round, I just love how it looks and can be used in in so many decorating styles. Super cute and versatile!

If you enjoyed this project, checkout more below and my Facebook page for tons of DIY videos!

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