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Farmhouse Shelf Sitters

I love when I find a project I can do that you can nestle in almost anywhere. I had some farm animals lying around and figured they would make a great pattern since I didn’t have a farm animal stencil. So, with those and the help of some 2×4’s that I had on hand I did just that. Follow along with me for some Farmhouse Shelf Sitters.



Farm Animals which I traced, if you have stencil it would be easier.

Letter Stencil

White & Black Paint

Antique Brown Wax

First start by covering your pieces of 2×4 with the antique wax. Make sure to completely cover all sides of your pieces.

Next trace your farm animal stencils onto the pieces of wood. Use a different animal for each piece of 2×4.

Now fill in your stencils with the white paint. Once the paint has dried give the animals a light sand. This gives them a more rustic, farmhouse look.

Finally using your letter stencils, fill in the name for each animal using your black paint. Be sure to connect the letters after you stencil using a small brush and your black paint. These letters are going to go right across the top of each animal.

These little guys were so easy to make and came out looking great. They will fit in on a hutch, shelf or a counter top and would look amazing on a tier tray! The size of them is super perfect to involve with any other farmhouse decor. Do you think you will make some Farmhouse Shelf Sitters?

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