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Cocoa Bar

I don’t have a huge hutch or side table to make a cocoa bar, so I improvised and decided to make one on my counter using a couple old crates I had. I set them up on the counter in the corner and just began adding all sorts of fun things! It was fun to find things to add to it. My kids and my hubby love it, they make cocoas every night! This will be put up again next year because it was such a hit, I will also take out some of the Christmas focused stuff and leave it up all winter for them. Cocoa is good all winter! =)

This is stuff I got all over, Santa mugs I grab whenever I see one. The gnome is from Marshalls last year, tree is from Walmart, house box is from Dollar Tree and holds all the cocoa packets. The signs and ornaments are mostly from Dollar General, along with the two mason jars.

Inside the gnome is sugar, for the coffee drinkers, like me!

I’m in love with how this turned out, especially since I really didn’t have a lot of room to make one. I had to be creative, and find a small spot to incorporate one.

Hope you enjoyed the tour or my cocoa bar! Do you have you have a cocoa bar?

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I hope this inspires you to make one, even if you have limited space you can still have cute décor and little things like this that make the winter just a little more fun!

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