Yard Sale Christmas Village Makeover

I am an avid yard sale, thrift store and flea market shopper. I love finding treasures and bargains, but most of all I LOVE to take someone’s “trash” and turn it into a treasure! This summer I found this little Christmas village. It was VERY beat up and many of the pieces were chipped and some pieces had chunks missing out of them. I knew I had to have it and the price was right, it was FREE!!! I knew it only needed a little TLC to be beautiful again! Follow my journey through the Yard Sale Christmas Village Makeover!

This village had a lot of pieces.

Here you can see the damage, a big chunk missing. I was determined to find a way to hide all its little imperfections. You won’t believe how amazing this turns out using only TWO supplies!!

Before I did anything I used a chip brush and cleaned off all the houses. Then I took some white semi-gloss spray paint, and sprayed each house. This was the most tedious part, having to do a few coats and flipping the houses upside down and on their sides to make sure the paint went in all their nooks and crannies.

It ended up taking two cans of spray paint, I had to run to the store mid project. I under estimated how many houses and how much paint would be needed.

The paint came out amazing, covered very well and hid the imperfections. While the last coat of paint was wet, I took the glitter and dumped it over the wet paint. This hid even more of the imperfections to the point where I didn’t even notice them anymore.

After using the glitter one the wet paint it stuck really well, to be safe though I added a clear sealer to them all so the glitter wouldn’t fall off everywhere.

This Yard sale Christmas makeover came out amazing! It is truly amazing what spray paint can accomplish! Christmas will be here soon and I can set it up and take more pictures to show you all! This project is proof that with a little time and love you can take something broken and make it look beautiful!

What do you think of this yard sale Christmas village makeover, do you like how it turned out?

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  1. Shirley Range says:

    Love this and all your crafts!

  2. Brenda McGinnis says:

    Love them…. And if you do decide to redo them into a gingerbread village they probably be just as cute…I love gingerbread houses….love all your crafts

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