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Dollar Tree Valentine Snowman

Snowmen aren’t just for Christmas time, that magical snow is still on the ground come February so why not incorporate one of the cute little fellas into a Valentines Day craft?! Follow along with me for this Dollar Tree Valentine Snowman.


Dollar Tree Snowman Wood Cutout

Dollar Tree Valentine Table Scatter Hearts


Enchanted Shimmer

Start by painting the Snowman wooden cutout, I used red for the hat and scarf, white for the face and orange for the nose.

Once the red paint on the hat and scarf have dried we are going to add some white paint to them. I did this in a “checked” pattern, it helps the scarf and the hat stand out more than just being one solid color.

Now using our black paint we are going to bring this little fellas face to life. I used 6 small dots for his mouth, and then added some eyes in a teardrop shape with some little eyebrow lines above.

Once the black paint for his eyes has dried, add a little white embellishment to them. This is to give them a little more of an eye look. This pulls the cute little guys face together.

Then I added a little bit of red on a dry brush so that he has some rosey cheeks. Once all the paint on the snowman’s face has dried, go over the entire cut out with the enchanted shimmer. This makes the entire project pop.

After the enchanted shimmer has dried, grab some of your table hearts. We are going to attach these to the snowman’s hat using some hot glue. String your ribbon through the little hole at the top of his hat and you are all done.

This little guy came out so freaking cute, and I had a blast making him. He will for sure be a winner to hang on the front door of my house. Do you think you will make a Dollar Tree Valentine Snowman?

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