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DIY Halloween Coffin

I’m always looking for something fun to hang on my front door for the holiday season. I was poking around a thrift store the other day and found this cute little coffin. I knew I could turn it into something awesome for my door with a few things that I had lying around the house that I wasn’t quite sure what to do with yet. Follow along with me for a DIY Halloween Coffin.


Wooden Coffin- Michaels ( I got mine at a Thrift Store)

Design Stencil- Hobby Lobby

Skeleton Head Cut Out- Dollar Tree

Letter Stencils- Wal Mart

Paints- White, Black, Green & Purple

Start off by giving your coffin a light sand. This helps take any rough spots off so your paint looks nice and smooth.

Next using your black paint go along the front outside edge of the coffin and make sure to fully cover.

Now paint the inside of the coffin with the green paint

After your green paint has dried, go ahead and add your stencil over the green. You can use whatever stencil you choose. I went over mine with purple paint.

Now using your white paint cover over one of the skulls from your cut out.

Once the paint on your skeleton has dried, go ahead and tape your welcome letters into the back of the casket. Place your skull in the middle of the word.

Fill in your stencils with your white paint.

I absolutely love how this came out. It looks amazing on my door. You can always mix up the skeleton cut out with a spider, witch or bat and change up the colors on the paint. Do you think you will make a DIY Halloween Coffin?

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