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DIY Painted Witch Coffin

Crafting and decorating for Halloween is always so much fun. One of the few holidays that we celebrate that you can just let your imagination run wild. I was poking around Family Dollar the other day checking out what they had got in for Halloween and this little wooden coffin caught my eye. Instantly I knew with some fun paint colors I could turn this into something amazing. Follow along with me for a DIY Painted Witch Coffin.


Witch Coffin- Family Dollar

Paints- Black, Green & Purple

Start off by painting the Witchand her broomstick with your black paint. Make sure to fully cover and you will most likely want to let dry in between paint colors so you don’t make a crazy mess LOL.

Next paint the border of the coffin that you can see from the front with your green paint. Also paint the broom top with your purple.

Now using your purple paint cover the bottom border of the coffin. Once the purple has dried take the black paint to cover the outside edges of the coffin.

Flip the little switch to turn on the battery operated lights that came connected to the coffin and you are done. This came out awesome, I love how all the colors flow together so well. Something so simple can make a little Halloween display really stand out. Do you think you will make a DIY Painted Witch Coffin?

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