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Dollar Tree Snowman Pallet

You all asked for a Snowman Pallet after seeing my Scarecrow Pallet, so here it is!! You can see the Scarecrow Pallet HERE!! It’s never to early to start crafting for Christmas and who doesn’t love some super adorable Snowmen hanging out around the Holidays?!?! Follow me and learn how to make your own Dollar Tree Snowman Pallet!


Pallet- Dollar Tree

Greenery- Dollar Tree

Large Craft Stick

Carrot Button- Joanns

Acrylic Paints- Black, White & Red (mix red and white to make pink)

Scrap of Fabric

Hot Glue


Step 1, start our by painting the Large Craft stick black, as well as the upper area of the Pallet. The rest of the pallet is going to be painted white. This is going to take a few coats to make sure that the pallet is fully covered.

Step 2, once the paint is dry you are going to take your large craft stick and attach it where the 2 different paint colors meet. You will use your hot glue for this step.

Step 3, once you have the craft stick attached grab your pencil. Sketch out your Snowmans face, except for his nose, across the front of the pallet.

Step 4, after you sketch the face out go over the sketch with the black acrylic paint. You want to do this using a somewhat thin paint brush.

Step 5, now it is time to add your carrot button to the center of the snowmans face. You are once again going to use your hot glue to attach to the pallet.

Step 6, now using your white and red paint mix some together to make a pink color. Use this pink color to add some cheeks to this cute little guys face.

Step 7, now that the paint from the snowmans face is dry, lets bring it to life a little more. I used some white paint on his eyes to make them pop and really stand out.

Next, using the hot glue again we are going to attach the Dollar Tree greenery to the snowmans hat. You can attach this wherever you would like, I love the way it added a little something to make the hat stick out.

Finally using your scrap of fabric, tie this around the bottom of the pallet. This gives the snowman a cute little scarf. You can add a couple drops of hot glue underneath the fabric to make sure that it stays secure.

This Snowman Pallet could not possibly be any cuter. I had so much fun making it and it was super easy. I can’t wait to start decorating for Christmas! Not to mention that I think Snowmen are absolutely adorabe!! Do you think you will make your own Dollar Tree Snowman Pallet?

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  1. Susan Cunert says:

    I have enjoyed your ideas!! I am newly retired and need things to keep me busy.

  2. janene a emswiller says:

    I love this, Great ideas. Thank you.

  3. Kimberly Mohre says:

    I’m a stroke survivor and limited movement on my right side but enjoy making your crafts to keep me busy.

  4. Vivian Smythe says:

    Project are beautiful

  5. That was so cute. I am going to make one for this winter. Thank You for showing it.

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