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Paint Stick Christmas Ornaments

I’m sure we all know that the holidays are always a super hectic time of the year. With that being said I forgot to post some of the crafts that I had made. These little ornaments are one of my favorite things that I put together last month. Follow along with me and check out these Paint Stick Christmas Ornaments.


Paint Stirrers

Chenille Stems



Mini Bell

Brown Wax

Red Paint


I started off by breaking the paint sticks in half. Then I drilled 2 small holes in the top of each stick.

Then I covered the paint sticks with the brown wax. Make sure to cover the front as well as the back.

Next I took my wire and ran it through the holes that were drilled. I started through one hole looped over and ended in the other. I used the extra wire and twisted it up to make it look decorative.

Grab your small pieces of greenery and hot glue them to the fronts of the paint sticks.

Take your chenille stems and twist them into candy can shapes.

Now add your candy canes to the front of each stick, use a small amount of hot glue to attach them to the greenery. Then take your twine and wrap around the stick and tie it into a bow.

Next I used some hot glue and attached my mini bell to the center of the twine bow.

These ornaments came out so gorgeous and looked absolutely amazing on my tree. I love the rustic look that they have to them, and they were pretty simple to make. Do you think you will make some Paint Stick Christmas Ornaments?

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