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Clay Pot Gnome Garden

In my quest to make my garden pretty this year, I have a bunch of fun projects I want to complete. I am taking you all with me on my garden decorating journey! I made the Garden Stepping Stones, and the Garden Flower Stake. They came out so cute! Today we are going to make a super cute clay pot garden gnome.

Follow along and make one for your yard too!


4 Clay Pots in 4 different sizes. I don’t know what sizes I used exactly, I just stacked a few until I liked the look.

Acrylic paints in white for the beard and flesh color for his nose, and then colors you choose for your gnome body.

E6000 Glue

1 Wooden Half Bead

I used a chalk pencil and drew out an outline of his beard on the biggest pot. Then using the white paint I painted on his beard. It took two coats.

Next I painted the other 3 pots in the teal color I chose, you can paint them any color you’d like. On the bigger pot where I had painted the beard, I painted the rest of the pot black.

Once the teal was dry I added some white dots, using a spouncer. Again this is optional, you can design your gnome how you choose.

Here I used the E6000 glue and started stacking and gluing the pots on top of each other. Working from biggest on the bottom and smallest at the top.

Once the pots were stacked, I added his little nose right on the top of his beard. Once the glue is dry you can use and outdoor safe clear coat to protect him from the elements. That is it, all done!!

How ADORABLE is this Clay Pot Garden Gnome?! I love how he turned out!! Do you think you’ll make one?

I think I will make more in a few different colors!

EDIT; So I decided to add feet to my gnome, I thought his front was looking a little bare so I thought this would add a bit more detail. I just took a round sponge pouncer and put two circles for his feet! What do you think, with or without feet? I think they look cute and add a little soemthing to him!

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  1. Julie Speaker says:

    Cute as can be!! I love the 👣!!

  2. Very cute! The feet makes him look like he is sitting. Nice

  3. Holly Leclaire says:

    What did you use for his nose?

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